Revitalize your oral health with the refreshing power of nature.

Pulling Oil offers a refreshing departure from conventional mouthwashes. Derived from Ayurveda, a holistic healing system over 3,000 years old, oil pulling harnesses the power of nature to promote oral hygiene like never before.

  • Promotes healthier teeth, gums

  • Eliminates harmful oral bacteria

  • Naturally brightens your smile

  • Ancient Ayurvedic oral wellness

  • Pure, natural ingredients blend

  • Refreshing coconut mint sensation

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Guru Nandu™ Join the natural oral care revolution and embrace a healthier smile.

  • Ancient Ayurvedic oral care

  • Pure, natural ingredients

  • Refreshing coconut mint flavor

  • Healthier gums, brighter smile

Tired of harsh chemicals in your mouthwash? Looking for a safer, more natural alternative? Say hello to Pulling Oil – the ancient Ayurvedic practice that's making waves in modern oral care.

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Product details

MICKEY D'S FORMULA: Upgraded GuruNanda Mickey D’s Pulling Oil, which contains an ayurvedic blend of fractionated coconut oil; seven pure, natural, & ethically sourced essential oils; and Vitamin D3, E, and K2. The seven different globally farmed essential oils are peppermint, spearmint, cardamom, fennel, clove, oregano, and tea tree oils. This authentic blend of oils with vitamins is a natural teeth whitener oral rinse that helps freshen your breath and supports healthy gums. 


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Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to the purity of Pulling Oil

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