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  • Fix slouching, slumping & neck hump

  • Decompress vertebrae and repair herniated discs

  • Reduce stress & help you sleep better

  • Avoid expensive chiropractor bills

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Struggling with poor posture, neck pain or back pain?

The FDA Cleared Relaxicor Brace will eliminate your poor posture, neck & back pain in just 2 weeks or your money back!


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Tired of Constant Back Pain Caused by Bad Posture?

You're not alone, and there's a solution that can help you reclaim your comfort and well-being.

Say goodbye to back pain and hello to a healthier, more confident you.

The Relaxicor Back Posture Corrector is meticulously designed to alleviate the discomfort and health risks associated with bad posture. Whether you're dealing with backaches, neck strain, shoulder tension, or even scoliosis, our posture corrector offers a holistic approach to pain relief and posture improvement.

Prevention of Long-term Issues

Consistently poor posture can lead to chronic musculoskeletal problems, such as kyphosis (hunchback), lordosis (swayback), and other spinal deformities. Using a posture corrector can help prevent these issues from developing or worsening over time.
Want The Whole Place Visible?

Three-Layer Breathable Fabric

Crafted from high tensile, high resilience perforated SBR fabric, this middle layer ensures breathability and comfort for extended wear.

Secure Your Home At Any Time

Fish Bone + Soft Memory Support Board

The support plate is designed to contour closely to the spine, providing accurate and effective support for improved posture.

Catch them in the act

Magic Cloth + Velcro

The fine layout of the magic cloth paired with Velcro offers a strong hold that is not easy to loosen, ensuring a secure fit and enhanced posture correction.

Experience a Long-Lasting Result

Begin by wearing the posture corrector for 15-30 minutes a day. This helps your body adjust to the device without causing discomfort or muscle fatigue. Gradually increase the wearing time by 15-30 minutes every few days, aiming to reach about 1-2 hours per day.

Wear the posture corrector consistently every day. Regular use is key to training your muscles and improving posture. Consider wearing the posture corrector during specific activities that typically involve poor posture, such as working at a desk, using a computer, or watching TV.

Better Sleep. Less Stress

Deficient posture pressures your entire muscle system in a compressed position, making it significantly more difficult for your body to find comfort during sleep, leading to achy, tiring mornings.

Wearing the Femzene™ Brace encourages all torso muscles to activate & work together correctly to support your spine, thus conditioning your back to regain its natural S shape that we were born with.

This makes it easier to find a comfortable sleeping position, without letting your spine subconsciously try to curve.

Designed & Recommended By Top Physiatrists

The latest version of the Femzene back brace has been thoroughly tested and endorsed by chiropractors, physical therapists, orthopedists, rheumatologists, neurologists, and neurosurgeons.

  • Get long-term results for less than 1/5 the cost of a treatment