Sun & Moon Couple Bracelet (one pair)


With its USB rechargeable design, you can say goodbye to the hassle of replacing batteries. Simply plug in and power up for uninterrupted grooming performance. The compact and lightweight build ensures effortless handling, allowing you to navigate across various fabrics and surfaces with ease.

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Express your love through every vibration&light up. 

With just a simple touch, your partner's bracelet will light up and vibrate, no matter the distance. Each touch means "I am thinking of you". 
Express yourself personally with different colors, touch vibration intensity, and more!
Every vibration will move to your loved one's heart, mind, and soul. 


The app allows the bracelet to flash and buzz on your preference. The light and vibration intensity are adjustable. Feel your partner’s love and touch on your wrist, always at the ready.


Noda bracelets create an intimate and private space for you and your special someone. Not only will the lights and reminders help you feel connected, but you’ll also have a place to express your love through pictures, videos, audio, and text on totwoo App. Once your partner touches the jewelry, a surprise message will pop up accompanied by the jewelry’s vibration and light up. You can even chat with your loved one on totwoo App.


Your Visye bracelet reminds you of every incoming call from your loved ones. Add up to 3 important contacts in the totwoo App and the bracelet will alert you of an incoming call with a gentle flash or vibration.


With our latest update, a longer press releases a "I love you" signal.
Also you can check totwoo's connection status in real-time. Touch your Visyve, if the light stays on, you're good to go-connected!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do i set up the bracelets?

The product includes an instruction manual featuring a convenient QR code for quickly downloading the app. With these resources, you can easily set up your bracelets. You have the option to either use the user-friendly manual or download the app and follow step-by-step instructions.

Can we connect to each other while we’re far apart?

Yes. If your device is connected to WiFi or cellular data, you can connect with each other – no matter how far away you are.

Are they waterproof?

The IPX5-certified devices are the perfect option that can easily handle light to moderate rain. Since it is not at all fully waterproof, these IPX5-rated devices are not to be used in heavy rain/water submersion.

Must the two pieces of jewelry together when pairing?

No. But one piece of the jewelry must be present together with your phone when pairing.

Can I ship to two different addresses?

No, we cannot ship the bracelets separately. A pair of bracelets will ship to your shipping address.

Is there a monthly fee for the accounts?

No, we don't charge any monthly fee.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
marije salverda
Never arived

Never arived

Paula McLaughlin

This store is official😊The bracelets are wonderful, they are light, and they work at the same time. They come with charger included. Excellent quality.

Halle Conroy

Different color indication, stylish, looks strong, ordered the set from which the bracelet "spring", took a long time to adjust, to tie the bracelet to the application, you need to tie it through the BT, turn on the GPS and then through the application itself, without the included GPS, the bracelet does not find, there is no NFS in it, At least the phone didn't identify him. The bracelets came in a stylish and beautiful box, packed well, each bracelet has a charger, instruction and application in different languages (no Russian)

Felicita Watsica

The order arrived very quickly, without damage. Looks like in the photo. I would like to separately note the packaging. Everything was packed well, the seller even took care of the gift bag. The bracelets are connected to the phone using an app and Bluetooth. You need access to the Internet. Otherwise, they will not function. You will need to charge more often than in the description, but this is not a big disadvantage.

Alfonzo Murray

This is literally amazing. So cute, looks adorable, battery is good. Works as if from og store. The silver braclet even has a heart as the way to close it its amazing so recommended!