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Introducing TheMore Snore Mouthguard. Escape the grip of snoring with the No More Snore anti-snoring mouthpiece. It tenderly repositions your jaw, offering an uninterrupted night's sleep wrapped in comfort. Dive into serene nights, free from snoring — thanks to The Snore Mouthguard.

  • DENTIST Endorsed

  • FDA Certified

  • OVER 1 MILLION Refreshed Sleepers

  • 60 NIGHT Peace of Mind Guarantee

  • Ships within 24 hours


We deliver internationally within an average of 5-12 days. Orders placed before 23:00 will be shipped the same day.


We offer easy returns within 30 days. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product within 30 days of receipt.


How does No More Snore function? Our body is naturally equipped to breathe via the nose during sleep. No More Snore, by subtly shifting your lower jaw, broadens your air passage, eliminating the root cause of snoring: tissue vibrations. Whether it's your peaceful sleep or that of a family member that snoring interrupts, let No More Snore guide you to rejuvenating mornings.


Say Goodbye to Snoring & Embrace Enchanting Slumbers! If other remedies like nasal patches, tongue stabilizers, or specific pillows haven't helped, don't lose hope. Many alternatives miss addressing the core issue: obstructive tissue in your throat. With No More Snore, experience profound sleep, leading to heightened daytime energy, improved immunity, advanced physical performance, and enriched interpersonal connections. It also reduces heart disease and stroke chances!


Endorsed by Doctors, Crafted by Dentists for Prime Efficiency
No More Snore boasts of unparalleled safety and efficacy. Backed by extensive research, tests, and over 1.5 million happy users, this is the only mouthpiece that offers organic jaw motion, erasing the discomfort of clenched teeth throughout the night. And yes, whether you prefer sleeping mouth-open or closed, No More Snore respects your choice. Discuss, hydrate, and do it all without removing it. Get a professional-grade solution, but without the exorbitant price tag.

Wave Goodbye to Snoring in a Single Night!

No More Snore is poised and ready straight from the packaging — no tedious prep steps!

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The Snore Mouthguard


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use The Snore Mouthguard

  • No More Snore is appropriate for all genders and anyone over the age of 18 with healthy teeth and gums. No More Snore should NOT be used if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Loose, sore, or painful teeth
  • Loose crowns, braces, recent implants
  • Sore gums, oral infections, periodontal disease
  • Jaw soreness or history of TMJ

What makes The Snore Mouthguard so much better than other anti-snoring devices

Snoring noise is caused by the soft tissue in your throat collapsing and creating turbulence as you breathe at night. The most effective snoring devices are mouthpieces that address this root cause by moving the lower jaw forward to open the airway. These mouthpieces can be made by a dental sleep specialist and can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

No More Snore offers you the same trusted therapy in an over-the-counter version. It has been cleared by the FDA for this purpose and is already trusted by millions of people around the world, who say they’ll never go back to their old method of snoring reduction. It’s that much more effective and easier… not to mention that it’s much kinder on your wallet!

Will The Snore Mouthguard really work for me?

There’s a very good chance that No More Snore will stop your snoring instantly — even if other methods haven’t worked for you! Multiple studies have shown that anti snoring mouth guards are at least 85% effective for people who use them. Mouthpieces are one of the best snoring solutions that actually work to treat the root cause of snoring. Beyond treating snoring, anti-snoring mouthpieces also open the airway allowing for greater oxygen intake which improves the health of the user and the quality of sleep for both the snorer and anyone sleeping near them. In any case, we offer a 60-Night Guarantee to allow you to determine if No More Snore is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Does The Snore Mouthguard work for sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a more serious condition than simple snoring and should be managed by a qualified professional. Depending on the severity of the apnea, a mouthpiece to treat sleep apnea may be recommended for mild to moderate cases, or for people who cannot tolerate the use of a CPAP machine. Always discuss your condition and the best solution with a qualified specialist.

How soon can I expect results?

The Snore Mouthguard uses the same technology as dentist fitted devices costing thousands of dollars. Most people experience immediate results during the first night! Others may need a few nights to adjust to wearing a mouthpiece and determine which size works best for them. Clinical tests of these anti-snoring mouthpieces have a success rate of over 85% in reducing snoring.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Lew Cummings

Good purchase fulfills its function I hope to see your resistance

Eduardo Sporer


Foster Konopelski

The Snore Mouthguard

Camron Hirthe

Impossible to sleep with those things in your mouth
Very large size and very uncomfortable

Ana Fay

I have arrived well package. If it takes effect?🙂

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