Say Goodbye to Wrinkles and Dull Skin with RadiantGlo Therapy Wand!

Achieve youthful, glowing skin with the RadiantGlo Therapy Wand. This powerful device uses red light therapy and 7-color LED technology to reduce wrinkles, boost collagen, and improve skin tone. Enjoy a brighter, firmer complexion with just minutes of daily use. Upgrade your skincare routine with the RadiantGlo Therapy Wand!

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Clinically Proven Results

The RadiantGlo Therapy Wand uses clinically tested red light therapy to boost collagen production, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skin elasticity for visible, lasting results.

Dual Action Face and Neck Care

Designed specifically for the delicate skin on your face and neck, the RadiantGlo Therapy Wand provides targeted treatment to rejuvenate and firm these areas, ensuring a youthful appearance.

Convenient and Easy to Use

With its sleek, ergonomic design, the RadiantGlo Therapy Wand is user-friendly and perfect for at-home treatments. Achieve professional spa-quality results in just minutes a day, making it an essential addition to your daily skincare routine.

Frequently asked questions

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What is the Auraluxe LED Wand?

The Auraluxe™ LED Wand is an advanced skincare device that uses red light therapy and a spectrum of 7 LED colors to rejuvenate and improve the appearance of your face and neck. It helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines, acne, and pigmentation, providing comprehensive skin care in the comfort of your home.

How does red light therapy work?

Red light therapy works by penetrating deep into the skin, stimulating collagen production and enhancing cellular repair. This process helps to reduce wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, and promote overall skin health.

What are the benefits of using the Auraluxe wand?

Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

Improves skin texture and elasticity

Helps combat acne and pigmentation

Stimulates collagen production

Non-invasive and pain-free treatment

Suitable for all skin types

How do I use the Auraluxe wand?

Cleanse your face and neck thoroughly.

Select your desired LED color mode based on your skin needs.

Massage the Auraluxe™ wand gently over your face and neck in upward, circular motions.

Use the device for 10-15 minutes daily for best results.

What do the different LED colors do?

Red Light: Stimulates collagen production, reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Blue Light: Kills acne-causing bacteria, reduces inflammation.

Green Light: Reduces pigmentation, evens skin tone.

Yellow Light: Improves lymphatic flow, reduces redness.

Purple Light: Combines red and blue light benefits, improves cell regeneration.

Cyan Light: Calms and soothes irritated skin.

White Light: Penetrates deep layers, accelerates tissue metabolism.

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Auraluxe Led Wand

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  • Comprehensive Care: 7 LED light modes

  • Youthful Glow: Boosts collagen, reduces wrinkles, enhances elasticity.

  • Better Absorption: HOT Mode heats to 113°F for improved product absorption.

  • Convenient Design: Compact, ergonomic, non-slip handle for easy use.

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Reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, blemishes, acne, and puffiness with our upgraded LED micro current device!

The award-winning 4-in-1 LED microcurrent device combines four science-backed, proven skincare technologies for the ultimate non-invasive at-home skincare treatment.

Give yourself a spa-grade facial at-home or on-the-go. This device combines Red Light Therapy, Green Light Therapy, Blue Light Therapy, Galvanic Current, Facial Massage, and Therapeutic Warmth for glowing, youthful skin in a matter of weeks.


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The Magic Behind Auraluxe Led Wand


Targets acne-causing bacteria, reduces inflammation, and promotes clearer, healthier skin without harsh side effects or downtime.


Stimulates collagen production, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, improves skin tone and texture, and promotes overall skin rejuvenation for a youthful, radiant appearance.


Targets hyperpigmentation, reduces redness, calms irritated skin, and promotes a more even skin tone for a brighter, clearer complexion with a natural glow.


Stimulates facial muscles, increases collagen production, improves circulation, and tightens skin for a lifted, toned appearance with reduced wrinkles and fine lines.